I'm back!

Monday, September 9, 2013
Hey there! I've decided to blog again. So, I have an updated blog-- Air Capital Chronicles. I thought it was appropriate since things in my life have been updated since I last took a stab at blogging. I live in a new place, have a fancy (as in I'm always spelling it out) new last name (goodbye Front Roe Seat), and I have a great new job! Last time I had a blog I blogged for a living. When I came home at night to blog, I was just plain blogged out. I think this time I'll enjoy the blog. Today was my first day back at work in a loooong time. As in 10 days. It was nice to be back. I was starting to worry if I really had a job! While vacation is wonderful, it's always great to get back to the routine. We packed a LOT into those ten days. I kicked off vacay with my friend's rehearsal dinner and wedding in which I was the Matron of Honor (doesn't matron sound so, well, matronly?), then we headed off to the cabin in Colorado bright in early the morning after the wedding, Advil and caffeine in tow. After Colorado my mother came to visit. Which meant a day full of shopping and an evening full of Chardonnay. That was a ton of fun. Next, we took the VW on the road again to KC for my friend and college roommate's bachelorette party. The next morning we finally slept in. Ha! No, just kidding. We got up bright and early to tailgate in Lawrence and to go to a tailgating couples shower. They had Koozies that read, "To Have and To Hold, and To Keep Your Beer Cold." How cute is that? Being back to work means I'll get more sleep, eat healthy again (vacation included a lot of Dog Bar pizza, Mexican food, and margaritas), and exercise more. All good things. It's always great to be back in Lawrence though--lots of fond memories.
Well, it's good to be back. To blogging and to the routine. Now, I'm going to bed. Night!
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