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Chalkin' it up

Monday, December 9, 2013
The chalkboard trend has been around for awhile...and I've always loved it. This weekend I had some fun with my new chalkboard "paper." I purchased a giant roll of this "chalkboard table runner," at a cute local shop called Social Manor in Old Town. If you haven't checked it out they have lots of cool stuff. It's the kind of store that leaves you with a bunch of decorating ideas ...only to realize you really don't have the time to do them all.

I leave a lot of stores like that...

Oh, well.

This chalkboard table runner stuff is fun. I bought chalk markers at Michaels because the chalk that it came with wasn't as crisp or clean looking as the chalk markers. I had fun doodling on our table runner for dinner Sunday night. It would also be super fun for a dinner party, cocktail party, etc. You can also use it as wrapping paper for gifts. Fun stuff!

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