Summer Flashback

Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Today is the first day of fall. It was a beautiful sunny fall day, too. On Sunday I stocked up on mums and pumpkins at Dillon's and crept into our holiday cave (the storage space in our basement under the stairs) to pull out all my beloved fall and Halloween decorations. When I opened up those plastic containers I just felt an instant burst of happiness, and well, caught a strong whiff of cinnamon spice as well. I just love fall. And, obviously, Halloween. It makes me happy- and brings back a lot of wonderful memories. While others get sentimental, and all warm and fuzzy when they pull out their Christmas decorations, I'm the odd duck that gets those feelings pulling out the black cats, red & orange foliage, and trick or treat dish.

Last night though, I enjoyed a nice little summer flashback thanks to my iPhone. Thinking I was possibly getting a new iPhone 6 soon (false alarm- not getting one- thanks Verizon ad), I downloaded all my phone's photos to my laptop. As I downloaded all the hundreds and hundreds of photos, I saw my summer flash before my eyes. It was really fun to relive all the memories from the summer. Sometimes I will peruse the photos on my phone, but as they flashed on the screen before me all sequentially, I enjoyed savoring all the summer moments.

Summer was busy. Before my little impromptu summer slideshow, it honestly seemed like a blur. But sitting in front of my laptop last night I realized it was a really good summer.

We drank Bloody Marys at Botanica...

We had fun in the sun on our 'giant floating thing'...

We planted a maple and named it Marvin. Thanks to my parents for the perfect anniversary gift!

We drank wine on the patio...

We visited my parents and sat on their amazing deck.

We went to Cuchara, Colorado, the best place on Earth, with friends...

We did a lot of home improvement projects. I think we're still woozy off of paint fumes...

We lounged.

We ate really healthy.

We celebrated with friends.

We went to weddings...

and more weddings!

We went to the pool...

We ate at favorite restaurants and drank things like this amazing grapefruit margarita...

We ate a TON of bruschetta. Excuse our garlic breath...

We had a bittersweet goodbye with the babeliner...

We discovered Moscow Mules, and drank many other refreshing concoctions.

This is just a small sampling of the summer photos I enjoyed viewing last night. But, now it's time to move on. Fall's here- just waiting to be captured!

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