Sand in your Suitcase

Sunday, January 11, 2015

For Christmas, Mike and I had the opportunity to spend some time with his grandparents in Florida. They’re originally from Ohio but once they retired, they decided to become full time snowbirds, and I don’t blame them.

Being in Florida in December was a much needed break from the harsh Kansas cold. It was amazing to wake up, put on shorts and flip flops, and have my coffee on their patio next to the lemon and orange trees growing in their yard.

Their retirement community is so cute. They all drive around on golf carts with their poodles next to them, go to the pool in the evenings, painting classes on Wednesdays, and have community happy hour on Thursdays. I think I’d fit in perfectly. Too bad my husband says I can’t retire.

We did lots of fun things in Florida including spending a day at Clearwater beach. It was a fun day spent watching the waves and beachgoers, soaking up the sun, and eating some delicious grouper at the beachside restaurant. When it was time to head home we all piled into Mike’s grandparent’s van along with what seemed like a couple bucketfuls of sand. I apologized to Diane, Mike’s grandma, about the mess we made.

Diane, who’s just as cheerful and as positive as can be, didn’t miss a beat, and replied, “Oh I don’t mind a bit! In fact, I think it’s wonderful. When Grandpa and I use to come home from Ohio and unpack our suitcases, we’d shake out our clothes and find sand. I just love finding sand in my suitcase. It reminds me of the happy times.”

I loved that thought. As a self-proclaimed OCD, neat freak, it’s nice to remember that some messes in life are reminders of the happy times. Sometimes it’s okay to not make a fuss about them, rush to sweep them away, and instead smile and think of the memories.

I hope you all a nice holiday, and found a little sand in your suitcase when you were unpacking from it.

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