Blue Orchids

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Today I was reminded why I love living here. There's kindness in Kansas that just isn't seen in other parts of this world. I was picking up a few things at Dillons and I stopped by the fresh flower department. I love a bouquet of bright, vibrant flowers - especially this time of year when the rest of the world is colorless.

They had just received a giant display of big, beautiful blue orchids. Their blue is difficult to describe. This blue almost glowed. I was admiring them but at $40 a plant I knew I needed to 'look don't touch.' I could hear my husband say, "You bought what? For how much?" I picked up a reasonably priced bouquet of spider mums instead and went to check out.

As I walked by the flower counter, I witness something heart warming. An elderly couple, both very frail but both still very much in love, were shopping. The man was pushing his wife who was in a wheel chair. The lady working at the flower counter saw them and yelled out the woman's name.

"Just a minute," she said. "I have something for you!"

The man stopped pushing his wife's wheelchair and turned around to the flower counter.

"Give me just a second," she said. She then went into the back room and brought out branches of the beautiful orchids.

"You take these home and enjoy. Put them in some water and they'll be just fine," she said. "Kids these days just don't appreciate orchids. They're on the house."

The elderly woman and man beamed with delight over these beautiful orchids. The flower lady wrapped them up carefully in tissue paper and placed them in the arms of the elderly woman.

I stood there in my long checkout line smiling ridiculously. I was so happy! For the elderly couple who received the gorgeous orchids, and the flower lady for being so darn nice. I was filled with happiness over this small act of kindness.

It reminded me that kindness is contagious. I was a mere spectator but I was still affected by the woman's act of kindness.

Go out and do something kind this week. It doesn't take much to make someone happy.
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