The Rabbit Hole

Tuesday, March 24, 2015
A while back my parents, Mike and I dined at the neatest place in Colorado Springs. I was researching fun places to grab drinks and dinner when we planned to be there together, and discovered “The Rabbit Hole.” At first the creatively named cocktails (drink me) caught my eye – The White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, and Queen of Hearts to name a few… Then I read through the unique dinner menu (eat me), and it became even cooler.

Appropriately themed in Alice in Wonderland style, the restaurant is actually located underground. You enter a phone booth, and then a staircase takes you down to a dark yet cozy and elegant restaurant. How fun is that?

Well, I was thinking this was the coolest thing ever, until I figured out the space was formerly the city morgue. For about 10 minutes this creeped me out and I was rethinking our decision to dine at The Rabbit Hole. I was repeatedly assured by my parents and Mike that a lot of ‘cool’ underground bars and restaurants were formerly morgues, that it was years and years ago, and it really wasn’t that big of deal.

I still wasn’t convinced until our round of cocktails arrived. They were so charming and pretty, and had such fun names to boot. I couldn’t help but settle into The Rabbit Hole and enjoy myself. Morgue? Eh, whatever! My champagne cocktail tasted too good for me to care.

The space was just too cool. Dark, cozy, romantic and anything but a ‘hole’ in the wall, The Rabbit Hole seemed like it was the place to grab snazzy drinks after work or have a lovely dinner date in Colorado Springs. The walls were adorned with quirky and classic Alice in Wonderland art.

The food was wonderful. I can best describe it as funky-gourmet-comfort food. It was an unexpected find that I would highly recommend. I'm so happy we stumbled upon and fell down The Rabbit Hole in Colorado Springs. If you're in town, hop to it.
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