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Rosita Sunshine

Tuesday, August 25, 2015
Last week, Mike and I met my parents in Rosita for our first trip out this summer. It was a long drive across Kansas but it was definitely worth it. Weekends in Colorado are always so nice because you're almost forced to slow down, breathe in the mountain air, and relax. It was a really great weekend.
Is it just me or does wine taste better in the mountains?

We enjoyed lots of good food and conversation, and had afternoon happy hours on the sunny patio underneath the pines.  Our only interruption was the occasional herd of mule deer passing through. 

Mike and Keith enjoying wine time on the patio at Rosita. Apple product placement not intended.

The first night we arrived my parents treated us to dinner at The Letter Drop Inn - the only restaurant in the actual town of Rosita. At first glance it looks like a small, hole-in-the-wall kind of the place, but upon entering it's quite charming and serves up gourmet fare. 

We cheers'd with a round of gin martinis on their deck while admiring the mountain view. Dinner was very good - the chef really knows what he's doing. We each ordered something different and each plate looked wonderful. Mike raved about his steak, and my salmon was excellent. 

View of the Sangre de Cristos from Mountain Spirit Winery in Salida, CO.

Shortly after taking this photo my mother ditched her ice cream due to its rapid melting.
 It looked delicious though

Friday we decided to check out Salida which was more bustling than we expected as the town was hosting the 'Gentlemen of the Road' concert featuring Mumford & Sons. We ate a delicious lunch at the Laughing Ladies restaurant and walked around for awhile mostly people watching.  Every storefront in Salida was adorned with British flags to welcome the musical group, and the streets were full of wandering earthy, hippie types clad in Birkenstocks and Burt's Bees lip balm. As I walked around I reaffirmed that I'm not cut out to be a resident of Colorado.

Friday night we stayed at the cabin at Rosita to grill. My parents were leaving early in the morning, and we decided to use up some hamburger from the fridge. Mike made his famous, HUGE hamburgers. They were delicious and so large I gave up on my bun and used a fork. They were more like mini meat loafs. It was fun to sit on the patio and grill. The two dogs were having the time of their lives running around the yard, looking for deer, and stalking Mike by the grill.
 Weston and Missy intently watching Mike grill. They wouldn't take their eyes off of him!

Saturday Mike and I went on an adventure with the Wildcat up to Hermit Lake - more photos and stories to come on this one. I can't wait to discover another trail next summer though. 

When we purchased Rosita this beautiful bronze sun was already on the front of the house. My mother added some of Nana's terra-cotta suns to the side of the house to continue the theme. I think the suns are appropriate. The sun shone brightly on us the entire time we were there. Rosita has brought a bit of sunshine to my family this year, and has provided a feeling of a fresh, positive start in many ways. We must remember and cherish the past, but its important to live fully in the present, faces turned toward the sun. 

Thank you for the sunshine, Rosita.

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