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Birthday on the Hill

Monday, November 2, 2015
On October 17 Mike, my parents, and I set up a tent on the Hill at KU for our annual October tailgate. Since I moved away from Lawrence, we’ve started this tradition and it’s been really fun for all of us to relive our memories of KU and Lawrence together once a year. It’s always a beautiful fall day on campus, and it’s a great time to see friends who we don’t see very often.
With my former manager and friend, Spring, and her kiddos.  

Since the game was at 11 a.m. this year, our day started bright and early (okay, let’s be honest, it was so early it wasn’t bright). Mike and I arrived in Lawrence by 8 a.m. to swing by Einstein Bros. for coffee and bagels. We set up our tent and welcomed friends and family for bagels, coffee, our traditional Jayhawk sugar cookies, snacks, and of course, morning mimosas. 

Lots of good friends stopped by and it was so fun to catch up. I loved reconnecting with my former manager Spring, and her kids. We were happy we had Jayhawk cookies because we had a lot of kids running around our tailgate this year. How times have changed!

The Jayhawk sugar cookies were a hit with the kids!

Being on campus and in Lawrence always makes me really happy. I love it there. I’m always flooded with really happy memories. Sometimes I don’t want to leave after game! This year my family from Hugoton, KS, came to the tailgate because my cousin Wade is considering KU next year, and my cousin Marlyn is pretty darn set on it as well in a few years. Marlyn wanted to see my sorority house, so my mom, Elise, and Marlyn walked up the hill (huffed and puffed!) and I knocked on the door to see if any current Sigma Kappas would let us in. A friendly, smiley girl answered the door and welcomed us in. Each year I visit the house, the girls look younger and younger. This must be what it feels like to be 29. 

Bethany, Elise, and Marlyn on the Hill. 

I took Marlyn and Elise on a tour through the living room, kitchen, study room, and yes, even, the bathrooms. I could see Marlyn and Elise taking it all in. Marlyn looked excited, but Elise jokingly suggested a meningitis shot! Ah, college. I loved it but I’m good not sharing bathrooms and living quarters with 20 other girls anymore. 
Big Jay came by our tailgate to visit his biggest (smallest?) fans!

My dad, Kirk, Wade and I went into the game for the second half, and surprisingly the Jayhawks looked decent, and really could’ve have pulled off a win. The only upside to having a losing football team is you can sit where ever you want so we were able to sit really close to the field – and the cheerleaders to Wade's delight.

After the game we all met at Ten in the Eldridge for martinis and appetizers. The adults ordered a round of martinis, and the teenagers ordered rounds of wings. It was fun to visit over drinks and appetizers.  My parents, Mike and I then went onto Free State Brewery for dinner. It had been awhile since we’d been there, and I enjoyed one of my favorite dishes – although it was really hard to pick. Everything is so good there!

I really couldn’t have asked for a better birthday weekend. As we drove home Sunday morning, I was thankful for another birthday on the Hill, time with my family, and another memory made in Lawrence.


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