Merry and Bright

Wednesday, December 16, 2015
This time of year it’s easy for things to become a blur. The gifts, the parties, the food, the wine, the busy schedule – it all becomes a lot in the month of December. So often I think we tend to say, “If we can just get through the holidays.” With this mindset, it’s easy to forget the things we really love about the season.

I went on a run last Monday night in the unseasonably warm December weather. It was really beautiful and perfect out. As I was running in the dusk all the homes in our neighborhood began to light up thanks to their handy-dandy timers. It was really magical to run along and see these sparkling displays come to life. We live in a neighborhood where people really love their Christmas lights, so I was surrounded by bright, glittery colors for the remainder of my run.

It got me thinking about Christmas lights – it’s kind of a peculiar tradition we have to throw brightly colored lights all over our homes and yards. It made me realize that Christmas lights are a small part of the Christmas season that I just really love.

I use white twinkle lights all over our house from the trees, the mantel, baskets of pine cones, to above our cabinets. I think they provide a much needed sparkle and warmth this time of year when it’s so cold and dark. In January I always miss all the Christmas lights in my house and throughout our neighborhood so much. Everything just seems so dark and plain.

As I ran by the dazzling displays of glistening reindeer and sparkling trees Monday night, I realized it’s so easy to forget about all the small things that I love about the Christmas season. For me, it’s just those simple strands of twinkle lights.

As I walked in the door after my run, I was greeted by my living room lit up by twinkle lights as well. I thought to myself how lucky I was to live in a country and society where we welcome light into our lives during this season.

What do you love about this time of year? I hope you remember to slow down and enjoy it. It truly is a wonderful season. May yours be merry and bright.

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