Five things getting me through January

Tuesday, January 19, 2016
Happy Tuesday! I guess I should say Happy 2016 as well. We're already halfway through the month and this is my first post. January has been pretty typical around here – cold and gray. Tis the season of staying inside, avoiding germs, an eternal coating of salt on the car, and at 5:45 p.m. sunsets. At least there’s wine and KU basketball. Here are a few things that are making January a little brighter. 

Noosa Yoghurt
I have never liked yogurt, ever. Yogurt was always the least appetizing snack I could think of but I’d often force myself to eat it because I thought the calcium was good for me and it was healthy. Then, shining bright among the Yoplait’s and Fage yogurts at my local Dillon’s, Noosa Yoghurt caught my eye with a fun container and cute cow design. (The Marketer in me was hooked) Flavors included pumpkin, strawberry rhubarb, mango, honey and more. So, I threw a few in my basket to try. It's no 90 calorie Yoplait – but if you want a really tasty yogurt for breakfast or a snack, try it. It’s the creamiest, yummiest yogurt mixed with real stuff - like REAL pumpkin and real strawberry rhubarb! It’s so delicious. I have changed my ways.

Sirius XM Radio
Mike surprised me with Sirius XM Radio for Christmas. I had it when my car was new, but the subscription ran out, and Mike deemed it ‘unnecessary’ when I had a perfectly fine Bluetooth connection and regular radio. A big thank you to Mike for filling my commutes with fun jams from the 90s, Sinatra, and my personal favorite, Radio Margaritaville. 


Dillon’s flower market
A simple joy in my life is buying fresh flowers. Even if it’s just a small bouquet of carnations it instantly makes me happy. I just love flowers, and I feel like a fresh bouquet brings good karma into a home. I’ve always loved that you can pick up a $5-7 bouquet at Dillon’s. When can you ever purchase flowers for that at a flower shop? Recently our Dillon’s went through some rearranging and changes – since then the flower section has been incredible. It reminds me of the beautiful flower markets I saw in London. Big, bright, beautiful bouquets of all types of flowers! Props to Dillon’s for upping their flower game. I’m in heaven.


Sparkling water
Last year one of my New Year’s resolutions was to give up diet soda. I didn’t think the artificial sweetener was good for me, and I wanted to drink more water. It was the easiest resolution ever. I thought I was so dependent on my Diet Dr. Pepper but I didn’t miss it at all. Didn’t even think about it. I have been really into Perrier and La Croix though lately, it’s a nice change from coffee and water at work, and if you add a lime to it in the evening you can convince yourself that it’s just like having a cocktail. Kind of. They have lots of fun flavors - I'm a fan of the Lime and the Coconut. (Did I just put that song in your head?)

Leopard print
Finally, a shout out to leopard print, which can bring a little oo-la-la to my closet full of winter black. I realized I unintentionally wore leopard print in some fashion to work four out of the five days this past week. 
What’s making you a little happier this month? I’d love to hear about it! Books, movies, products, quotes – I enjoy all suggestions. Have a great week everyone! 
1 comment on "Five things getting me through January "
  1. Enjoyed your blog! I must try the yogurt. I've found a new blog and youtube to follow for art! Shoo Rayner,


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