French Valentine's meal

Friday, March 4, 2016

With Valentine’s Day on a Sunday this year, Mike and I opted to cook something at home on the actual holiday and to use up some Bonefish Grill cards later for our ‘out to dinner’ date.

Mike and I have a favorite restaurant, Mon Ami Gabi, at the Paris hotel in Las Vegas. It is the most romantic place to have dinner, and the food is phenomenal. It’s a definite stop on any of our Vegas trips. The best part about this French restaurant is that it’s not terribly expensive for Vegas, and it sits directly across the street from the Bellagio fountains. So throughout dinner on the terrace you have non-stop entertainment. It’s so beautiful.

Mike and I at our favorite 'date' restaurant, Mon Ami Gabi, in Las Vegas.

For our Valentine’s Day dinner at home, I thought it would be fun to do a French meal in honor of our favorite date restaurant. At Mon Ami Gabi I always order the Chicken Grand-mere, basically a roasted chicken served with vegetables. It’s so good! So, I found the French bistro dinner menu in my "Cooking with Bonnie: Farm to France" cookbook, and started planning! 
I love this cookbook written by Wichita chef, Bonnie Aschliman.

Mike and I decided on a menu of French Onion soup and Roasted Chicken with a side salad from her French Bistro dinner chapter. Mike also got me French champagne for Valentine’s Day which made for a perfect pairing. 

Mike poppin' bottles.
Beautiful white roses from Mike made a perfect centerpiece!
We prepped our chicken, well, Mike did, while I chopped onions and wept. Once our chicken was smothered and stuffed with butter, seasonings, and veggies, we popped it in the oven to roast for 1 ½ hours. While the chicken cooked we worked on our French Onion soup. We learned that Gruyere cheese is very expensive, but oh does it taste good baked on top of the soup. 
Missy was our sous chef. Or, more accurately, our vacuum.

Mike had the honor of prepping the chicken. He's a pro.

Our verdict on our French meal? The soup was amazing – you can’t beat homemade French Onion. The chicken was very good, but we both said for the time and the money, we could’ve just picked up a Rotisserie Chicken at Dillon’s. (Thank you, America) The French Champagne was wonderful, of course. If you’ve never tasted true French Champagne, you really should. It’s completely different than our American versions – a lovely treat.


Missy is just like her mama - she loves the bubbles.
In our house we drink a lot of Champagne and Prosecco. I love bubbly! We've discovered that Missy has a affinity for bubbles, too. I don't know whether we should be amused or concerned. She gets so excited when we pop open a bottle, and begs for it as if we had a piece of bacon. We let her lick the cork sometimes for fun, and she looks like she's in heaven. Champagne wishes, and milkbone dreams, indeed.

 After dinner, we carried on our cooking theme and watched the movie, “Burnt.” It’s good but my favorite ‘cooking’ movie is still “Chef.” It was a great Valentine’s at home and was just as enjoyable as going out to eat.

Bon Appetit!

Everything except the whole doing the dishes part.   
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