Long weekend in Jewell County

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

In February, I had an unexpected and extended trip back to Mankato. I had planned to visit that weekend, but when we received the sad news that my nanny from childhood had passed away, I knew plans had changed and I’d be going up to Mankato much earlier in the week. (More to come in another blog about what an amazing woman Ann was.)

It’s funny how unexpected visits back home can often be the best. I really enjoyed my extra time in Jewell County and took advantage of the opportunity to be back home for so many days. With our work schedules, vacation time, and family holidays, most of our visits are wonderful and fun, but they’re often just too short. My few days in February were wonderfully unplanned and relaxing. It was a really rare opportunity for me to spend those days with my parents. I left Sunday morning thankful for such a great weekend.

Here’s a recap of all the great things I enjoyed back home -

- Antiques in ScandiaScandia,Kansas, is a quaint little town on the Republican River with a large Scandinavian heritage. Their main street is lined with fun little antique shops that offer plenty of treasures if you’re willing to dig a bit. Ann was buried at a cemetery in Scandia on Thursday, so after the burial, my mom and I decided to stop at the shops before heading home. Always fun to browse.

- Buffalo Roam Compuestos –I grew up on these. A compuesto is basically a really good taco salad. They’ve never changed in my 20-something years of eating them, and that’s a great thing.

- My parents’ deck – My parent’s home has this amazing wraparound deck with really great views of the sunrise in the morning and the evening sunsets. It was a bit chilly to spend too long out there this trip, but we were able to enjoy the views a little in the morning. Missy especially loved it.

Beautiful sunrise on Friday morning.

Missy loved her view from the deck.

 - Shopping-  Small town shopping is the best! I stocked up on candles at Possibilities, bought Mike a new lunch box at the new Dollar General, and found darling Easter décor at Aunt Flossie’s cupboard in Superior, Nebraska.

- Visiting Grandpa and Grandpa – It’s always good to see Grandpa and Grandma, and it’s so great now that they’re both in Superior. I really enjoyed showing Grandpa photos of my cousin Victoria’s new little girl, Rebecca Claire. He wanted to go through the slideshow many times!

Grandpa loved looking at the slideshow of Rebecca! 

- Mexican food in Superior- For lunch on Friday, we took Grandma to the new Mexican restaurant in Superior, and it is really good. And they serve margaritas! For those reading this and wondering why I’m so excited about margaritas at a Mexican restaurant….it’s a big deal. Coors Light is about all you can find at most restaurants in Mankato and Superior. Nothing against Coors Light.

- Cruisin’ in the Corvette – My dad loves his yellow Corvette and we were lucky enough to have a unusually warm February weekend that called for a cruise on Highway 36.

Beautiful 70 degree weather meant the Corvette was out and about. 

- Running in the country- I really enjoyed running on the dirt roads north of my parent’s house. The weather was beautiful that weekend, and the wheat was just starting to show and paint the fields green. I loved taking in the scenery and realizing just how beautiful this part of the state is.

- The Kettle in Beloit, KS – For lunch on Saturday, my parents took me to The Kettle in Beloit, Kansas, a cute little restaurant downtown with plenty of delicious soups, salads, and sandwiches, and a great wine and beer list! It’s fun to have a place to go when we visit now that we can order a glass of wine. For lunch on Saturday, I had a Cuban sandwich which was wonderful, and a mimosa. I was very impressed, and definitely want to go back!

Enjoying lunch on Saturday at The Kettle. 

- Trip to the Farm- Saturday morning I went to the farm with my dad. I really enjoyed the drive out there. It used to be so normal to me, but this time I really appreciated the scenic views and the wide open space as we traveled down the white rock roads. While my dad fed cattle, I wandered around the farm and through Grandpa and Grandma's house - truly a trip down memory lane! 

I love this rustic flag my dad bought for one of the sheds.
My dad with Pippen, the beloved farm cat. 
I had fun wandering around the old farmhouse and taking photos.
The old chicken coop! 
Feeding on Saturday morning
- Happy Hour-  Each evening we enjoyed Chardonnay and tasty appetizers around the kitchen island. It was fun for the three of us to catch up and tell stories. Being home was definitely good for the soul.

I headed south to Derby Sunday morning excited to return home, but also feeling very thankful for my weekend visit and realizing that Mankato will always be home.

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  1. It was a very poignant weekend. Full of memories for our beloved Ann and time shared together as a family. Thank you Sasha for the special words. Mother


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