Things I'm Loving - March

Saturday, March 12, 2016
March is just rolling along, which is fine with me. The sunshine, daffodils, and steady stream of KU basketball make me quite happy. Here's what I've been loving lately. Have something you are loving? Let me know! I love discovering new recipes, podcasts, books, magazines, etc. It could very well be in the next Things I'm Loving post.

I really don’t know what the Kale I was thinking. How did I miss out on the huge Kale craze everyone has been on these past few years? I have always read about how Kale is a superfood, and I’ve looked at Kale recipes in magazines, and even walked by the infamous Kale chips at the grocery store. I guess I just never really knew what to do with Kale, and was slightly intimidated by it.

Well, Blue Apron to the rescue once again! We recently had a couple of Blue Apron meals that included Kale recipes, and they were amazing. My world was changed forever. How had I not been enjoying Kale yet?! I think this is what I love most about Blue Apron – it introduces me to foods that I’m too unfamiliar or scared of, and shows me how simple it is to enjoy them. Here’s our favorite way to enjoy Kale right now:

Mince two cloves of garlic and cook in two tablespoons olive oil on medium heat. Once garlic is softened and fragrant toss in a bunch of roughly chopped Kale leaves (remember to discard the vines). Kale really cooks down so don’t be afraid to use a pretty large amount of it. Once the Kale is added, season with salt and pepper, and pour in about ¼ cup water. Once water has cooked off, remove from heat and sprinkle with parmesan cheese. Kale yeah.
Southern Living
My mother renewed my subscription to Southern Living for Christmas, and I’m always so excited to see it sitting in my mailbox. It’s such a treat to flip through the pages of beautiful décor and design ideas, delicious recipes, and gardening tips. Kansas may be considered part of the Midwest, but I still love gathering ideas to add a little Southern Charm to my life each month.

Real Simple’s What Cooks Know podcasts
A while back when I was ga-ga for my new found world of podcasts, my Aunt Barbara left a comment with the recommendation to check out Real Simple podcasts. I love the magazine, so I knew I needed to give the podcasts a listen. My favorite of theirs is the What Cooks Know podcast. Each week they pick out a cooking topic to discuss and provide tips for whether it’s a food like chocolate chip cookies and mac & cheese, a technique like broiling, or a situation like cooking for crowds. These quick, 20 minute podcasts are entertaining and informative. I was so inspired by the tips from the chocolate chip cookie episode that I baked chocolate chip cookies that weekend using what I had learned. I won’t give anything away if you want to listen to the episode, but you can really make your cookie exactly how you like a chocolate chip cookie with some of these tips.

Amazon Prime
What did people do before Amazon Prime? Did they go to the store? Did they have wait in line at registers? Ok, seriously, Amazon Prime makes the world a happier place for me. I’m not a big fan of shopping or going to the mall. I have very few stores I actually enjoy shopping. (T.J. Maxx, Sephora, the grocery store) Mike and I order a LOT off of Amazon Prime and I’m always amazed at how it just magically appears in our mailbox like a day after we order it. Definitely a convenience I don’t take for granted! Recently I received my jumbo order of Donut Shop K-Cups and truly enjoyed the awesomeness of Amazon Prime. Need coffee? It’ll show up in your mailbox a day later. Amazing.

Brent Musburger's commentary

Mercy! Gave him a facial! Oh, baby! Shave and a haircut! Save the women and children!

Did you listen to Brent Musburger's reaction to Wayne Selden's dunk? If not, give this clip a watch and listen to Musburger. You'll have tears streaming down your face. Or maybe that was just me.

Basketball commentators say the darnedest things.

2 comments on "Things I'm Loving - March"
  1. Amen on lots of this. Amazon delivers several times a week currently. I listened to the chocolate chip cookies episode in the middle of the night a couple weeks ago and also immediately wanted cookies! And I loved reading about the Bush sisters in this month's Southern Living.

  2. Check out 99% Invisible. It's a mix of design and history on a wide array of topics.
    Also, try the kale salad from Pinches & Dashes. It's even better the next day.


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