What's your go-to deviled egg recipe or add-in?

Saturday, March 26, 2016
I love deviled eggs year-round but this time of year I am especially inclined to make them. They are a perfect spring snack or Easter appetizer. They will also always remind me of moving into our house as they were the very first thing I cooked in our new home. (Moving means an empty fridge…but I did have eggs, mayo and mustard!)

Deviled eggs never make it long in our fridge. Mike and I are both exercise addicts and we’re always looking for a quick, healthy yet filling snack after a workout or a long run. Eggs always do the trick. If I make a batch one day, they’re always gone the next.   

My Grangran gave me this deviled egg dish that was my Nana's. I don't think he realized I'm such a deviled egg aficionado!

A recent episode of one of my favorite podcasts, Things Cooks Know, was all about hard boiled eggs and what you can do with them. My Aunt Barbara, who turned me onto the podcast, texted me about the episode, and mentioned she puts jalapeno jelly in her deviled eggs. A recipe I’ve been making lately spices things up with Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce.  I also give my deviled eggs a heavy sprinkle of the Paprika that my parents brought me from Hungary. (It’s a bit better than McCormick’s!)

This stuff is good. I don't think I have any grocery shopping plans in Hungary anytime soon though...

I’d love more suggestions of ingredients to add to deviled eggs. As much as we make them, it’s good to have a variety of recipes. 

Who doesn't love a deviled egg?

Will you make deviled eggs this Easter weekend? What recipe do you love?
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