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Wednesday, April 27, 2016
If you’re on Sanibel Island, you MUST have breakfast at the Lighthouse Café. When “World’s Best Breakfast” is printed on the outside of their building, they’re not lying – it really is. I had read and heard from friends that having breakfast at the Lighthouse Café was a must-do while on the island, and as a girl who could live off of omelets and frittatas, I knew it would be added to our list.

We decided it would be a great thing to do our final morning in Sanibel since we had a late afternoon flight out. As we were packing up our bags Thursday morning, I had the brief thought, “Do we really want to go over there for breakfast, or should we just grab something quick from our resort?” I’m so glad we didn’t go with that thought.

Greeted by the words, “World’s Best Breakfast” we stepped into the Lighthouse Café to see a packed, bustling, sunny restaurant. The inside is rustic, nautical, and nothing fancy – lots of lighthouses and lighthouse photos are crammed on the walls, and plenty of menu options drawn out on chalkboards.

Once we had our menus, my eyes quickly found the Bloody Mary, which is made with sake. I’ve never had sake (this is where Mike makes a comment about how I made it through college without doing a sake bomb) so I was hesitant but I gave it a try. It was delicious. Every Bloody Mary needs some sake.

Determined to consume as much seafood as I could before being landlocked again, I went with the Ocean Frittata. This delectable dish consisted of shrimp, scallops, crab, broccoli, mushrooms, and artichoke hearts. It was then drizzled with an alfredo-type sauce. It was heaven on a plate! It came with toast and breakfast potatoes which were just as amazing.  A nice little surprise was the side of homemade strawberry jam – so flavorful! You can even purchase the jam to take home with you.

Mike went with one of his breakfast favs – eggs benedict – but he kicked it up a notch by ordering it “Lighthouse Style” which swapped the English muffin for a grilled croissant. Talk about an upgrade. 

It was all very affordable and so delicious we literally licked our plates clean. I can’t believe we almost skipped it! It was honestly one of the highlights of the trip.

If you’re on the island, definitely stop by the Lighthouse Café to experience the ‘World’s Best Breakfast’ for yourself.

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  1. World's Best Breakfast makes me think about Buddy the Elf finding the world's best coffee in Elf! Sounds like this might have really been world's best.


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