Sanibel Island

Monday, April 25, 2016
I first visited Sanibel Island when I was a junior in high school in 2004. I have always loved the beach and the ocean and my parents decided it would be a fun Spring Break trip. They had heard great things about this laid back little island that just happens to be the best shelling location in North America. 

I loved that trip so much. The shells, the ocean, the bicycles, the blackened Grouper! I didn't want our visit to end, and I promised myself I would go back someday. Well, fast forward about twelve years, and I was lucky enough to go back to the island with my husband.

Mike and I flew into Fort Myers on Monday, April 11 ready for some Florida sunshine. Everything went so smoothly when we arrived. Our bag was literally waiting for us and our cute little VW Jetta was ready to go. We stocked up on sunscreen, bug spray, wine and beer  in Fort Myers (what else do you need?) and headed for the causeway to Sanibel.

We named our cute VW rental 'Chile Pepper.' 

Our first afternoon on the beach!

We stayed at Sundial Beach Resort in Sanibel, and I'd highly recommend it. It exceeded my expectations. Beautiful resort with five pools, wonderful beach, complimentary bicycles, and our room was HUGE. I could've stay for another week. And, lucky for us, their tiki bar served the cheapest and tastiest Pina Coladas on the island.

The room was decorated like a charming little beach house!

Our room was the size of an apartment! I was tempted to just move in permanently.

Why can't palm trees grow in Kansas? 

We spent our first afternoon reading our books and sipping Pina Coladas on the beach with the wonderful sound of the ocean lulling us into relaxation.

Can every Monday be like this? 

Tuesday morning we took advantage of the complimentary bicycles at our resort. Bicycles are the best transportation on Sanibel. The island is filled with great bike paths that wind in and out of jungle-like scenery and by beautiful beach homes. It's so much better than being in a car. You breathe in the salty air, soak up the sun, and really get to take in the beauty of the island.

What a cute biker dude.

Adventure ready!

This bougainvillea was GORGEOUS.

Our trip was so relaxing and so fun - we spent a lot of time on the beach, explored the island,  and ate at some really great places which I will expand on in future blog posts this week. Our four days on Sanibel were too wonderful to recount in just one post.... so watch for more Sanibel fun to come! And now can someone bring me a Pina Colada?

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