Mike's Birthday at Ziggy's

Friday, June 17, 2016
Mike turned 29 on June 15 and I wanted to celebrate with a bunch of our friends this year. It’s difficult to do anything huge on a weeknight but I knew I wanted to do something fun and laidback at a hometown favorite, so Ziggy’s was the obvious choice. 

Ziggy’s is one of my favorite restaurants in my favorite part of Wichita. If you’re looking for fancy Ziggy’s isn’t your place. But if you’re looking for a charming location with amazing unique pizza combinations, it is. Ziggy’s sits in Clifton Square which is just the neatest, eclectic little dining and shopping area in Wichita. All the shops and restaurants are old homes that have been renovated. I love sitting on the patio at Ziggy’s – you definitely don’t feel like you’re in Wichita, Kansas, anymore!

Photo courtesy of Ziggy's Facebook page. (See reason in photo caption below)

In my opinion, Ziggy’s is the best pizza in town. If you’re looking for a round pie, you won’t find it at Ziggy’s though. They specialize in rectangular homemade pizzas with delightful flavors such as the White Delight (Grilled Chicken, bacon, green pepper, onion and cream cheese) or the Sanibel Islander (of course I love this one, right?!) which is Ziggy’s version of a Hawaiian pizza. 

The bar offers a great selection of beer, wine and specialty drinks such as the Ziggyrita, Summer Brew, and a Poor Man’s Mimosa. (Beer and Orange Juice!)

Mike and I love going to Ziggy’s so I knew it’d be the perfect place to surprise him with a couple tables full of his close friends and favorite pizzas. 

The ONLY photo I got all night. Evidence of a great time, or a major FAIL? You decide.

Being with our friends for Mike’s birthday reminded me of how much I love living in Wichita, and being close to all these wonderful people. Our circle of friends has become a wonderful mix of both my friends and Mike’s friends, who are now friends with each other.  I hope they know they mean so much to Mike and me – and it was so fun to have them help celebrate Mike’s birthday.
1 comment on "Mike's Birthday at Ziggy's "
  1. Sounds delicious! And I get it on the camera. I hate when I don't have TONS of photos to shown event, but it is totally worth blogging. Have you printed a Blurb book yet? You have so much good stuff to print!


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