What are your 'symbols'?

Wednesday, July 13, 2016
As you all know, I’m a huge Gretchen Rubin fan. I say her books have changed my life – and while that sounds super dramatic and like I’m ready to be on an episode of Dr. Phil, I really mean it. She’s taught me to think about happiness and habits in a completely different way. I was reviewing old Happier podcasts and blog posts on Gretchen Rubin’s website, because all of her Happiness and Habits books have such great information and tips, but I find unless I review them once in a while I forget about some really great ones.

This was a cool thought that I remember reading about in The Happiness Project, and then was intrigued by it again in a Happier podcast last fall.  Gretchen talks about Buddhism’s 8 AuspiciousSymbols: Parasol, Golden Fish, Treasure Vase, Lotus, Conch Shell, Endless Knot, Victory Banner, and the Wheel of Dharma. 
Gretchen challenges readers and listeners to figure out their 8 Auspicious symbols, and it’s kind of a fun exercise-  like figuring out your 'logo'. A bit more difficult that I thought it would be. I listed mine below…what are yours? 

My mother bought this giant sunflower for me in Lawrence when I was in college.

Sunflower – Kansas connection; positivity; idea of facing the sun;

Turtle- A favorite animal; always stop to pick them up off roads; wisdom, diligence, patience;

These lucky turtles have always sat at my desk.

Notebook – Journalism degree; writer; always taking notes

Pineapple- I love visiting tropical locations; pineapples traditionally symbolize happiness and welcome; Summer symbol; (I love Pina Coladas, too!)

Pineapples show up in a lot of spots in my house - especially in summer!

Pumpkin- October birthday; favorite season/holiday; love of fall harvest;

Ruby Red Slippers – Kansas connection; one of my favorite movies; the idea of ‘No Place Like Home’ (I’m a big homebody!)

Champagne bottle- My family always says ‘every day is the Fourth of July with Sasha’ meaning I like to celebrate and do things up big. And, it's true, I love Champagne, but more symbolically l love to celebrate – especially the little things in life!

Found this huge, vintage bottle of Moet in the West Bottoms of KC with my friend, Sara. 
I knew I had to have it! Unfortunately, it was empty. 

Wheat – My Kansas roots; grew up in a farm family; Kansas Jayhawk that loves to ‘wave the wheat’
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