Little moments of Thankfulness

Monday, November 21, 2016
Happy Thanksgiving week, friends! I hope your week is full of smooth travels, time with family, and of course, plenty of delicious food. In anticipation of Thanksgiving, a couple of weeks ago I loaded up with plenty of Real Simple's Thanksgiving podcasts. All the turkey talk and pie tips got me excited for Thanksgiving, but definitely made my tummy growl mid-run.

At the end of the podcasts the host would ask each guest a series of Thanksgiving-related questions including the usual, "What are you thankful for?" All of the answers were great, of course, but one definitely caught my attention. The guest commented that she really didn't like being asked that question because she didn't like thinking about what she was thankful for just at Thanksgiving. She said she preferred to be a little more mindful, and notice the little things she was thankful for each day. 

I've been trying to note little moments of thankfulness each day, and it's really given me appreciation for a lot of things in my life - big and small. In fact, the other day, I realized just how much I love living next to a park. Our backyard backs up to a city park and I love the open, green space. I'm thankful that just steps from my patio we have a great place to walk and run. I often take for granted the glow from the baseball diamond and crack of the baseball bats that I enjoy while sitting on the patio.

As a dog owner, I'm also extremely thankful for the park's generous amount of doggie stations with plenty of bags, but plenty of wise words as well. Every dog station features an inspirational quote. Makes pick-up duty a little bit more enjoyable, right? 

I also really love this beautiful fountain area. At night it lights up in all sorts of beautiful colors!

It's been fun to appreciate the things I normally wouldn't even think about I'm grateful for leading up to Thanksgiving, like our little park.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone! Be thankful for those little things! 

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