Prime Rib on Christmas Eve

Wednesday, December 28, 2016
I love how certain foods always remind me of a holiday. My Nana's green chili rice will always remind me of Christmas in Hugoton. A mint green pistachio salad will always take me back to Christmas at my Grandma and Grandpa Roe's house. My mom's sweet potato casserole tastes amazing any time of the year, but best on Thanksgiving.

Prime Rib is quickly earning its place in my holiday food memories log. Since 2012, Mike and I have been serving Prime Rib for Christmas Eve dinner at our house.  When we first hosted my parents in our new home in December 2012, we wanted something really traditional, and Christmas-y for our Christmas Eve dinner. I had recently received Pioneer Woman's A Year of Holidays cookbook, and we thought that was a good place to go for inspiration. Her Christmas Eve dinner menu included Prime Rib, and we both instantly knew that's what we wanted to try.

Prime Rib is expensive, so it's definitely a treat for Christmas Eve. Mike reserved our aged beef Prime Rib this year at a local butcher shop. Look how excited he was to bring it home!

A key to a great Prime Rib (and my favorite part!) is a nice, seasoned crust. Mike does a great job seasoning it with lots of salt, peppercorns, and herbs. Makes my mouth water just looking at it. 

Even Missy couldn't resist the divine smell! 

Besides an amazing Prime Rib dinner, the best part of Christmas Eve this year was how low-key and relaxing it was. We loved having both sets of parents in town and hosting them at our home. My parents, Mike and I went to the 3:30 p.m. service at church to be home in time to enjoy appetizers, Champagne, and visiting with Ron and Judy before dinner was ready.

We took pictures by the tree, snacked on baked Brie and salmon from Seattle, and visited until the Prime Rib was done.

For dessert I made this amazing triple buttermilk chocolate pound cake. I saw this recipe in my Southern Living a few years ago, and had to try it. It's filled with buttermilk, instant espresso, dark chocolate and plenty of sugar, so you can imagine how rich and moist it is. It's a really wonderful dark chocolate cake to make for Valentine's Day, too. I skip the powder sugar based glaze because I think it's sweet enough, and I like the 'all chocolate' look. 

It was a very Merry Christmas indeed. Hope you all enjoyed good food and time with family as well. 

1 comment on "Prime Rib on Christmas Eve "
  1. Dinner was amazing! Thank you Sasha and Mike for hosting a wonderful Christmas Eve! Great memories


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