Hilton Garden Inn - Milwaukee

Monday, January 30, 2017
Earlier this month I traveled to Milwaukee for work. Isn't Milwaukee the tropical destination we all dream of being sent to in early January?

The trip overall was one to forget. Anything that could go wrong on my flight to Milwaukee did, and being completely, miserably sick didn't help either. Nothing like being wrapped up in a blanket with a 100 degree plus temperature on a plane, right?

I arrived in Milwaukee cold, sick, and really just wanting the plane to send me straight back home, but there was definitely one shining moment of the trip that I must rave about - the hotel!

I booked the Hilton Garden Inn downtown because it was super close to the event I was working on Saturday evening, and I've always enjoyed Hilton Garden Inn hotels. This hotel was definitely not your typical Hilton Garden Inn though. It was one of the prettiest hotels I've stayed in.

The hotel is in the historic Loyalty Building in downtown Milwaukee. The Loyalty Building was built in 1886 for Northwestern Mutual Insurance by architect Solon Beman, who also built several well-known buildings in Chicago. It's Romanesque style is so ornate and beautiful. Inside the building has a huge, gorgeous marble staircase, old cage elevators, and lovely tile floors.

When I walked in the lobby I literally gasped at its beauty. As I walked up the stairs to my room, I was blown away by the most incredible part - the atrium roof- which filled the stairwell with bright light.

One of the neatest hotels I've stayed in - so much history and beauty!

Isn't this atrium incredible? Photo doesn't even do it justice! 

I seriously couldn't get over these floors - aren't they gorgeous?
 Think of the shoes who've walked over these tiles...

The building is on the National Historic Registry and is one of four important 19th Century commercial structures in Milwaukee today. It's quite the building. My room was just as gorgeous with ornate features, and a floor to ceiling window. They just don't design buildings like they used to. (Old person comment?)

 The hotel also had beautiful photographs on the walls, and really interesting, art gallery-like descriptions to accompany the photos. Any history nerds like myself, would enjoy how much you could learn just by walking through the floors of the hotel. Here's another great post (in much more detail) about how amazing this hotel is.

If Milwaukee is a part of your travel plans anytime soon, I recommend checking this hotel out. And, preferably going when you're not sick and during the summer.

Happy travels, friends!

1 comment on "Hilton Garden Inn - Milwaukee"
  1. Sorry you were sick. And you had to go in the winter. I used to travel to MKE six times a year and think it's just a fantastic midwestern city! Like Chicago, except it doesn't stink. In the summer there's a themed festival on the waterfront every week. Beautiful architecture+good food+great, walkable downtown= love!


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