Wednesday's Words of Wisdom

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I've always relied on quotes to make me laugh, calm me down, and reassure me when I'm feeling any emotion from #blessed to stressed.

Quotes have always been a great source of comfort to me - I guess it's just a nice reminder that I'm not the only one who's ever felt that way. Growing up I had quotes taped up everywhere - on my mirror, in my notebooks, on my piano music, etc. Today it's really not much different. When I need a pick-me-up, or simply a daily reminder to be thankful or laugh, I look to my quotations around my house, on my phone and yes, I even have one in my car. Here's just a sample of my favorites around the house -

Love these quotation magnets - 
I always seem to find them in bookstores and at the airport. 

A little more fridge-spiration... not brought to you by Whirlpool.

This fun basket holds bath and beauty items by my sink in our master bath.
 It's a great way to start and end each day. 


These are posted by my side of the bathroom mirror. The top quote was from an interior designer in a Better Homes & Garden magazine - never would have guessed that, huh?! As a chronic worrier and overthinker, it's a good one for me. The list on the bottom is from none other than the amazing Gretchen Rubin. (insert praise hands emoji)

Mindy knows best...

 And, another Mindy from my office bulletin board.

A good reminder to make time for other things besides work in life.

I've always loved this one from author Stephen Covey.
 Looks like Mike is trying to sneak into this blog, too. 

So true.

Simple yet powerful one. Good goals to set each day.

Wall of quotes in my office. 

Love, love, love this book!
 Full of short and sweet pieces of 'karma' for your day. 

Never at a loss for quotes...

Of course I have the Secrets of Adulthood on my fridge. These run through my brain daily. 

What are your favorite quotes, or words of wisdom that help you get through the day? As you can see, I'm always on the look out for more inspiration. 

Happy Wednesday friends! 

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