My favorite Coconut products

Saturday, April 1, 2017
An article in the Wall Street Journal recently caught my eye, because it was about the surge in popularity of coconut products. As a lifelong coconut lover (definitely in my top three favorite 'flavors'), I had to laugh because I pictured my own fridge full of coconut-flavored items.

I have always loved coconut - when I was little I used to make virgin Pina Coladas all the time in the summer. I'll never forget when I was in the fourth grade on a cruise with my family, and I was allowed to go out to a tiki bar and show with my older cousins who were in high school and college. I was given a small sip of one of their real Pina Coladas, and, oh man, I was hooked. 

Key West Pina Colada circa 2010

The largest Pina Coladas EVER at The Mirage in Vegas.
Thank goodness I married someone
 in the pro-coconut camp.

I know coconut is a divisive flavor and scent. You either love it or you hate it. I have plenty of friends who say it tastes like sunscreen or 'eating a vacation.' Fair enough, but I love it.

Here are my favorite products that I'm 'nuts about-

Noosa Coconut Yogurt

I have expressed my love for Noosa yogurt before -
but I've got to give another shout out because of this flavor. 

So Delicious Coconut Milk Creamer

I love that this new surge of non-dairy milks and creamers has filled the grocery stores with so many non-dairy options. I've been a non-dairy milk drinker since 1986. When I was born I couldn't drink dairy milk so I was fed Prosobee (soy milk formula). I've dabbled with dairy milk throughout the years but I prefer the taste of non-dairy products, and feel better when drinking them. I've been using this coconut milk creamer for about three years now, and I am addicted.

Luna Bar's Chocolate Dipped Coconut

Tastes like a tropical dessert....that you can eat for breakfast! 

Coconut La Croix

I still have no idea how to pronounce the stuff, but I guzzle a TON of it. La Croix is great on evenings when we're trying to cut back on wine, and the coconut version kind of tricks my brain into thinking I'm enjoying a tropical cocktail.....kind of.

Coola Pina Colada Sunscreen Spray

This sunscreen is definitely a splurge. Google it and you'll see what I mean. But! I think it's so worth it if you spend a lot of time in the sun during the summer. It's easy to spray on, it's SPF 30, it leaves a slight shimmer, and it smells ABSOLUTELY heavenly. I often gift it to friends who have summer birthdays. It feels a little luxurious when you spray some on by the pool or on the boat. If you are not on team coconut, they have other delicious flavors like mimosa, cucumber, and guava mango. 

 Also, this is best Pina Colada recipe I've found out there. I like to add in frozen pineapple sometimes for a smooth, icy consistency though. I'm VERY picky about my Pina Coladas. I get super annoyed if they're too melted. I don't enjoy lapping up warm coconut juice. I prefer a really icy, creamy version that almost has a milkshake consistency.

I've tried the 'skinny' versions with coconut water, etc. They're really not worth it. I say if you're going to have a Pina Colada you're probably in a vacation mood, and you really just need to go all in. After all coconut is a good fat, right?

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  1. Love the pic of our Vegas trip! The best piña colada!!! Cheers! Mother


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