A different take on bruschetta

Sunday, July 30, 2017
Bruschetta is one of my very favorite foods. I love late July and August because my basil soaks up the hot sunshine and goes crazy this time of year. Which means I can eat a lot of bruschetta. Nothing says late summer like the taste of basil and tomatoes.

Mike and I recently ate at Free State Brewery, one of our favorite Lawrence restaurants, and their special appetizer that evening was bruschetta. I enthusiastically ordered it; Mike who doesn't really like appetizers graciously gave in. We were so glad we ordered it though - it was delicious. Free State's version featured a mixture of tomatoes, garlic and basil marinated in some kind of amazing balsamic blend. I immediately knew I wanted to try to replicate it at home.

My usual bruschetta recipe is pretty simple. I toast slices of French bread, rub garlic cloves on the bread, top with parmesan and pesto, toast it in the oven a little more, and then finish it with a tomato slice, olive oil, and a dash of sea salt.  This time though, I wanted the tangy balsamic goodness of Free State's bruschetta.

So, I started with a bunch of basil. I wish you could smell this photo! I just love the smell of basil...

I wanted to slice the basil into thin strips, because as much as I love basil, I don't always enjoy munching on entire leaves. The best way to get perfectly thin slices is to stack a bunch of your leaves, roll them up, and then slice thinly through your basil roll-up. So easy! 

Gather a bunch of basil leaves...

Roll it up like a little basil sushi....

Start slicing! You'll have perfect, fragrant basil strips...

I diced up a bunch of tomatoes, threw in my sliced basil, added finely chopped garlic and tossed it all in balsamic, olive oil, pepper, and sea salt. Then I let it hang out in the fridge all day.

The result? Absolutely delicious! I think I'm hooked on this version. I love that the balsamic soaks into the bread and it has so much more flavor after marinating all day. I still toasted my bread and rubbed it with a garlic clove, and I also decided to still top each slice with a small amount of parmesan and pesto as a base. It turned out really well and made the perfect summer dinner. Served with Rosé, of course.

1 comment on "A different take on bruschetta "
  1. Kip also doesn't like appetizers. Spoils his meal. He's not a snacker. The weirdest.


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