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Thursday, September 7, 2017
I have lived in the Wichita area for six years now and there are still quintessential "Wichita" things I have not experienced, and I'm embarrassed to even admit it. I have decided it's high time I check these things off my 'Wichita list.' I don't think I can really call myself a local until I do. I'm sure I missed some important ones - let me know what's a Doo-Dah must on your list.

  • Go to a drive-in movie at Starlite Drive-In.  (Cue that fabulous jingle, "Starlite Drive-In gives you more, call 524-2424!")  Not only have I not visited Starlite, I've never been to a drive-in!

  • Eat a crumbly burger from NuWay Cafe. This legendary burger place has been in Wichita for 87 years. How have I not eaten here yet? 

  • See the Keeper of the Plains at night - I've seen it plenty of times during the day, but I want to see this beautiful view-

  • Visit the original Pizza Hut. I actually have strong opinions about Pizza Hut's pizza (don't like the stuff) but I feel as a proud Wichitan, I've got to see the birthplace of this famous franchise.

  • Tour Frank Lloyd Wright's Allen House - I had lived here a few years before I realized we had a Wright home in town. I think his designs are so interesting and beautiful. I've toured his homes across the country but not in my own hometown....yet. 

  • Attend the St. Patrick's Day parade in Delano - I've always wanted to love and celebrate St. Patrick's Day more. I think this parade might help me do it. 

  • Have a green beer at The Shamrock - I plan to make this a stop before or after the parade. This well-known Wichita watering hole has been here since the 1930s! 

  • Visit the Sedgwick County Historical Museum - Technically I've been in the museum a couple of times but they weren't true visits. I ran in to look at an exhibit for an article, and another time I was just there for a meeting in their conference room. Both times I thought to myself, "This place is so neat. I really should come here for a visit." Hasn't happened yet but it really needs to!

1 comment on "My Wichita List "
  1. Good list! You need to do these all immediately. Especially a NuWay and root beer.
    Have you seen the WaterWalk Fountain Show? Or gone to Nifty Nut House? Old Mill Tasty Shop?


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