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Perfect Podcast for October

Friday, October 13, 2017
For the past eight weeks I've spent basically every day on the road, so I have been devouring podcasts. They help pass the time and make the miles go by a bit more quickly than the top 40 hits on the radio. They also help take my mind off of all the craziness of the day.

If you're looking for a new podcast - and an appropriate one for October- give Deadly Manners a listen. It is pure fun that will definitely get you in the mood for Halloween. Think Clue plus an old school murder mystery radio show.

Each Chapter (episode) is only about 20 - 25 minutes long, so it's easy to listen to on a quick trip or commute. The story unfolds on a dark, stormy night (of course) at the Billings mansion where Mr. and Mrs. Billings are hosting a fabulous dinner party. The lights go out (of course!), there's a murder (what'd you expect?) and the story takes off from there.

You'll also recognize plenty of famous voices including Kristen Bell as Veronica Billings and RuPaul as the fortune teller.

It's very entertaining and provides some goosebumps perfect for October. Enjoy - and Happy Friday!

Happy October!

Sunday, October 1, 2017
Happy Sunday, friends - and Happy October! I don't know where September went. My job is busiest in the fall, so I really feel like this time of the year flies by. Unfortunately, it's my favorite time of the year, so I don't have as much time for all the fabulous fall activities that I'd like.

Because my schedule has been crazier than usual lately I've really been enjoying new podcasts on the road, convenient foods, and light are some of my favorite things lately.

Young Adult Literature
Any other fellow Happier listeners will know that this has been a recent topic on the podcast lately. Gretchen and Liz have discussed the benefits - and simply the fun - of reading Young Adult literature. I honestly haven't read a YA book in years, but I've lately been digging into them, and I've had so much fun. I read Liz's new book Flower, and it was such a cute story. I devoured it in one roadtrip. I also decided to read one of my favorite books from childhood, "The Farthest Away Mountain," by Lynne Reid Banks. It was such a trip down memory lane and comforting to read. YA literature is a nice change of pace. It's truly an escape! 

James Bonding podcast

Mike and I were on a James Bond kick last year - and now I'll forever be a Bond girl. Some of our friends who also love Bond suggested this podcast to me a few weeks ago. It's a ton of fun to listen to - especially now that I've watched all the movies. If you haven't watched many Bond films, you probably don't want to listen. They're long podcasts (read two hours) and it is literally just a bunch of people talking about Bond movies. Sometimes I feel like I'm a fly on the wall of a bar listening to a bunch of friends talk about Bond. They focus on one movie at time, or a topic like best cold openings, so you can really learn a lot about the movies.

Happier in Hollywood podcast

Of course I got sucked into the Happier in Hollywood podcast! To be honest, it took me longer than it should of to subscribe and start listening to this one. I thought either it wouldn't apply to my very non-Hollywood life, or it would be too similar to Happier, which I love. I was wrong on both fronts. Liz and her writing partner Sarah bring an entirely different vibe than Liz and her sister Gretchen. Happier in Hollywood is upbeat, relatable and funny. It is really interesting to learn about their lives in Hollywood but the topics they discuss and guests they bring in are always very relevant to almost any career. Give it a listen! Their catchphrase "It's a fun job and I enjoy it," is a really great reminder to your day.

PB Fit Protein Powder

If you're a peanut butter lover like me you should definitely give this stuff a try. I have been putting it in everything lately! Smoothies, yogurt, overnight oats, hot oatmeal, etc. It gives everything a yummy peanut butter taste and packs a protein punch. My favorite is making a peanut butter banana smoothie with frozen bananas and this powder - it seriously tastes like a milkshake!

The Return of Yumkin Pumpkin (and other fall beers)

Ah, fall....the pumpkin spice, the cool, crisp days, and the beer.  Everything is better in the fall - the weather, the food, the lattes, and the beer. I love all the Octoberfest beers, ambers, and pumpkin ales that show up on the shelves this time of year.  My local favorite...or quite possibly favorite pumpkin beer overall is Yumkin Pumpkin from Wichita Brewing Co. If you enjoy it at one of the Wichita Brewing Co. locations it is served with a dusting of cinnamon on the rim of the pint glass!

Hilariously Infertile's Instagram

Dealing with infertility is rarely met with laughter but having a sense of humor about it has definitely kept me sane this past year. I was so happy to discover Hilariously Infertile's Instagram account because it confirmed that I am not a crazy, terrible person for laughing at some of things we've been through or thinking some of the things I have while going through this. Definitely share it with anyone you know going through this, and in need of some comedic relief.

Actual footage of me walking into the fertility clinic

The Return of Dancing with the Stars

I love this show so much! I want to be a "star" just so I can be on this show, and to get one of those fantastic spray tans, of course. We don't watch very much TV at all in our house but this is one show that I love to make time for if I can. It's pure fun, and I love all the dancing and fabulous costumes. It's also a great show to have on while we're cooking dinner or working on our laptops (not a difficult storyline to follow). I'm cheering for Lindsey Sterling, Drew Scott, and Terrell Owens this season. 

Have a great start to the week, friends! Enjoy this pretty October weather. 

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