Perfect Podcast for October

Friday, October 13, 2017
For the past eight weeks I've spent basically every day on the road, so I have been devouring podcasts. They help pass the time and make the miles go by a bit more quickly than the top 40 hits on the radio. They also help take my mind off of all the craziness of the day.

If you're looking for a new podcast - and an appropriate one for October- give Deadly Manners a listen. It is pure fun that will definitely get you in the mood for Halloween. Think Clue plus an old school murder mystery radio show.

Each Chapter (episode) is only about 20 - 25 minutes long, so it's easy to listen to on a quick trip or commute. The story unfolds on a dark, stormy night (of course) at the Billings mansion where Mr. and Mrs. Billings are hosting a fabulous dinner party. The lights go out (of course!), there's a murder (what'd you expect?) and the story takes off from there.

You'll also recognize plenty of famous voices including Kristen Bell as Veronica Billings and RuPaul as the fortune teller.

It's very entertaining and provides some goosebumps perfect for October. Enjoy - and Happy Friday!

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