November highlights

Thursday, November 30, 2017
It's the last day of November - already! The fall decor is packed away and it's time to gear up for the holidays. You can officially listen to as much Christmas music as your heart desires. Or, if you're like me you can just turn it up now and not be embarrassed. (I start listening right around Thanksgiving, much to Mike's dismay.)

November was nice because I wrapped up my busy travel season at work and I was able to enjoy more free weekends and evenings. I took advantage of a more free schedule and enjoyed lots of good books, TV shows, and movies, and even discovered a new workout that I fell in love with.

The Mindy Project 

As I've mentioned before I'm not a huge TV watcher, but for the past five years my one and only show has been The Mindy Project. I remember watching the pilot episode with my friend, Sara, in her apartment in September 2012. At that point I only knew Mindy Kaling as Kelly from The Office, but I was hooked from the very first episode as she rode her bike yelling, "I'm Sandra Bullock" straight into the pool. (Spoiler alert - the finale pays homage to the first episode.) Mike and I have enjoyed five years of hilarious episodes, witty scripts, and antics that only Mindy could pull off. I'll miss Mindy, her fabulous Salvador Perez wardrobe, unbridled confidence, and unapologetic love of bear claws.

Run Fast. Eat Slow.

 I read this cookbook on my flight to Seattle for Thanksgiving. Run Fast. Eat Slow. was written by recent New York City marathon winner Shalane Flanagan and her best friend and running partner, Elyse Kopecky. I really enjoyed this cookbook.  I love reading cookbooks but a lot of them I happily return to the library. This is one I would love to own myself. Shalane and Elyse are passionate about eating nutritiously. They believe no one - and especially runners - should be depriving themselves with fat-free, empty calorie foods and strict diets. They simply encourage people to eat real, whole foods, and yes, they even cook with butter! Lots of it in fact.  The recipes sounds wonderful and the photographs are beautiful.  I copied down quite a few recipes I'm excited to try out.  It's great fitness and nutrition advice for anyone - even those of us who aren't marathon winners.

Big Little Lies

I really don't know how Mike and I missed all the hype and didn't watch this in the spring. The good news is we've watched it now, and we loved it. What an incredible cast! We were so hooked that we gobbled up all seven episodes in just a few days, which is impressive for two non-TV binge watching folks. I loved the suspense, the acting, the soundtrack, and oh man, the scenery! It really made us want to go back to Carmel and Monterrey. Can we live there? 


This is your public service announcement to watch Vertigo soon if you've never seen it before. I had seen bits of it when I was really young, but I had never sat down and watched the full movie. I don't know why, because I love all of Hitchcock's films. Saturday night when Mike had some friends over to hang out I took the opportunity to watch "one of my old movies" as Mike would like to say. The TCM intro mentioned it is hailed as the best film ever made - and after watching it I have to agree. It was fantastic - and terrifying. Watching this at night was probably not the best decision I've made - I was a bit freaked out for awhile. The story is incredible, and James Stewart and Kim Novak are SO good.  


In November I started trying out a hot Piyo class at my rec center, and I immediately fell in love with it. It is such an awesome workout - prepare to be quite sore after your first class. It's a blend of pilates and yoga with lots of strength exercises throughout (think lots of tricep push-ups, planks, and core work). My rec center also offers a regular Piyo class but the time doesn't work for me, so I get to sweat a little more with hot Piyo. I love it because it's set to popular music and it's fast paced - much more so than pilates and yoga. It also works up a huge sweat. You'll really feel it. I'm looking forward to many more Piyo classes in December as I'll have to steer clear of cardio but I'll still be wanting a good workout. Piyo will definitely fit the bill. 

Another huge shoutout this month goes to my husband. He has embraced the role of nurse/drug administrator as I go through my first round of IVF medications. It's a full schedule of mixing up medications and administering daily shots, and he didn't squirm or hesitate to help me with all of it. Going through treatments for the past year has totally removed any fear I have of needles and shots don't bother me at all anymore. (One benefit of this whole journey, I suppose.)

I haven't got to the point where I could actually give them to myself though. For whatever reason that still makes me queasy. But Mike is a pro - he should probably add phlebotomist to his resume. I'm so, so thankful for his help, and his mad shot skills. You can hardly feel 'em.

We're getting our Christmas tree this weekend, and then our holiday decorating will be complete. Bring on the egg nog and tinsel....and December!

Have a great weekend, friends!

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