French Onion Soup

Tuesday, January 2, 2018
For the past week we've had freezing temperatures....well, more accurately, WAY below freezing temperatures. One of the few things I do love about winter is the opportunity to cook up really delicious, satisfying soups. When it dipped down to single digits this past weekend, I knew it was the perfect time to make one of my very favorite soups - French Onion!

French Onion heaven at Mon Ami Gabi in Las Vegas

French Onion is such a comforting meal. What's not to love about onions, cheese, and bread? My favorite recipe for French Onion soup is from Wichita chef Bonnie Aeschliman's "Cooking with Bonnie: Farm to France." I mentioned this recipe before when we did a French Valentine's meal a couple years ago. 

French Onion is a great first course to any meal, but I think when paired with a fresh salad and served in a large enough bowl, it makes an amazing meal. Oh, and don't forget a nice glass of bubbly!

Is there anything better than the smell of onions cooking in butter? The answer is no. 

Bonnie's recipe is so simple and delicious. It does call for Sherry, which I think is a key ingredient in a good French Onion soup. So, if you don't have Sherry stocked in your bar already, you'll need to go grab a bottle. It's a good investment though, it lasts forever! I've had the same bottle of Sherry for years - I only use it for this recipe!

One place I do deviate from Bonnie's recipe is the cheese. Gruyere is fabulous but it can be difficult to find and pricey. I actually prefer a blend of three cheeses - Mozzarella, Havarti, and Parmesan. Mozzarella and Havarti melt really well and give the soup a delicious ooey, gooey cheesy topping. The Parmesan gives it a salty, savory flavor. Lots of cheeses would work - but these are my favorite. Just make sure it melts really well so you get that cheese-dripping-from-your-spoon effect. 

Pure bliss! 

The only thing I don't like about French Onion soup? Waiting to eat it. To get this beautifully browned cheese top, you must broil the soup at super high temps - like 450 degrees. Yikes! Once the soup is done, you'll have to have some patience or you'll end up with a very burnt tongue. (I speak from experience, people.) This is when you snap that photo for Instagram so your friends can be jealous of your soup, pour yourself some more wine, or munch on the side salad. It's worth the wait. Bon appetit!
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  1. I used gruyere yesterday in a Southern Living magazine recipe and it was SHOCKING how much it cost!


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