January books, movies, and a royal podcast

Friday, February 16, 2018
I started January off strong with an ambitious #18for2018 list (if any of you listen to the Happier podcast, you know what I'm talking about).  I filled it with daily goals, one time tasks, and an equal amount of simple and ambitious intentions for the year. So far, it's going well, and it feels much more fun to say I have 18 goals for 2018 than a resolution. 

Reading more books was one of those goals - 15 for the year to be exact. I originally had a much higher number to which my husband said, "No way, you're way too busy in the evenings to have that as your goal." So I took his advice and lowered it to 15, a little more than one a month. I've read three books so far, so maybe that was the right pace to set?

My favorite book so far has been Fitness Junkie, which is a fantastic satire on the world of health and fitness among the super wealthy. The book's protagonist takes you on her journey to save her job by losing 30 pounds (which she doesn't really need to lose).  From naked yoga, green juice, Kale obsessions to outrageously priced fitness resorts, this is a hilarious yet frighteningly true take on the health and fitness industry. It's funny, sweet and really well-written. It was a great pick for late January when fitness resolutions were still fresh in our minds. A must read!

Another fun read so far has been Anna Faris' Unqualified. The actress has a hilarious and heartfelt podcast of the same name that I subscribe to and love, so I knew I had to get my hands on her book. I read this one in just a couple of days and it was light, funny, and put me in a good mood. If you're familiar with the podcast, you'll enjoy it even more. 

Mike and I have rented a lot of movies this past month from Redbox because he hates going to movies. (This is a whole other topic that I'll dive into at another time.)  Mike and I rarely agree on the type of movie we want to watch, but I had picked some "old movies" recently so I let him pick a couple. We watched Dunkirk (which I ended up liking more than him!) and American Made, but one night when Mike was gone, I rented one of my movies.

Ingrid Goes West is a wild ride - one that will make you put your phone down. I absolutely loved it though. Elizabeth Olsen and Aubrey Plaza are outstanding. Rotten Tomatoes' description of it is perfect, "savagely hilarious dark comedy that satirizes the modern world of social media."  Rent this one, make yourself some #avocadotoast and consider yourself #blessed. It's so good. 

A new podcast I've added to my usual lineup is When Meghan Met Harry. This royal weddingcast is a great way to prepare for May's royal wedding. Hosts Kristen Meinzer (the American) and James Barr (the Brit) make the perfect duo for discussing the latest news, gossip and making predictions about Wills and Meghan's wedding day.  If you think you've heard Kristen before, you're right. She was the former producer on Happier, and she has another popular podcast, By the Book.

Have a great weekend, friends. Happy reading, watching, and listening! 

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