Watching, Reading, Listening and Waddling at Week 31

Saturday, August 25, 2018
We've officially made it to week 31 and I could not be more ready to have this baby! I am incredibly excited and grateful to be expecting, but I can't say that I've loved being pregnant.  I can tell that these last nine or so weeks the struggle will be real, which is perfect timing since next week I begin the busiest time of year for work. Ha! I'll be on the road every day from August 27 - November 1(or depending on when P shows up) with multiple events each week in the evenings. I'm nervous about how I will feel and how I will pull it all off but trying to power through with a positive mindset!

I'm trying to be grateful but sometimes the exhaustion, largeness of my body, heartburn (Tums, please), and nausea (wasn't morning sickness supposed to go away?) get in the way. I'm hoping these are all normal complaints in the third trimester.

The nursery is in progress but still a ways from being done. At least we've got a couple months! We've put together the crib and changing table, painted, and started hanging things up on the wall, and we'll plan to finish it all up after the shower next month. Working on the nursery is one thing that makes me super excited. I love decorating and working on house projects so I've really enjoyed this part of pregnancy. Getting a room ready for a new resident also makes it SO real and the heartburn (slightly) less bothersome.

Well, enough of my hormonal complaining - here's what's been keeping my mind off of my pregnancy woes lately:


Trial & Error

Has anyone else fallen in love with the characters of East Peck, South Carolina? This show is hilarious! I originally gave it a watch because I love Kristin Chenoweth but I was quickly hooked. Mike is even getting a kick out of it. The show is reminiscent of both The Office and Clue, which is totally my sense of humor. If you need a really good laugh - plus a good mystery - I'd highly recommend it.


I've been hitting up the library a lot the past few weeks. For one, I realize my days of free time are limited with travel season and a baby on the way, and two, with this large belly, there's not much else I can do right now. Here's what I've read this month -

What Made Maddy Run

What Made Maddy Run is a very sad story, but an interesting and important one, especially in a time when I believe we really need to take mental health seriously. Madison Holleran was a brilliant and beautiful student-athlete at Penn with a life that seemed perfect, but ended tragically. It is such a strong reminder that just because someone seems "fine" or the images we see on Instagram portray a happy life, that it isn't always an accurate picture. This one hit home to me in so many ways. A very interesting look at mental health, perfectionism, the pressure placed on teens, our society, and the effects of social media.

Sisters First

Okay, on a much lighter note, how can you not love the Bush family?! I've always admired them (even when it was unpopular) and I think Barbara and Jenna are both such inspirational women. I remember throughout high school I was fascinated by them and how different they were in looks, personalities, and career goals despite being twins. I enjoy watching Jenna on the Today Show and reading her column in Southern Living. Her personality is so infectious. I loved reading about their childhood and growing up among the Bush dynasty, which was surprisingly real and normal. I didn't think I could love the Bush family more until I read this book.

In Conclusion, Don't Worry About It

This was a surprise find while I was wandering the library aisles. I saw who wrote it (Lauren Graham!) and how short it was and thought, "Well, why not?"  It is a tiny little book that packs a powerful punch. It literally took me half an hour while on the elliptical to read this but it had some great thoughts on success and life in general. This would be a perfect gift for a recent graduate, someone starting their first job, or anyone, really, who needs a little inspirational pick-me-up.

Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life and Maybe the World

Another super quick read that caught my eye because one of my big things is making the bed every morning. I cannot leave the house or start the day without doing it. The few times I haven't made the bed my day has just been off, and it really does impact how I feel at the start of the day. Written by a retired a Navy SEAL and four-star Admiral, the book takes you through life lessons that the author learned throughout his time in SEAL training and serving in the Navy. While most of us can't relate to the intense training a SEAL goes through, his life lessons are very relatable and great reminders. (Make your bed every morning!)


Ali on the Run

The most recent podcast to join my lineup is "Ali on the Run." I need to jump back to some of the beginning episodes to get a good feel of the show, but so far I love it. I picked up during her "What's New with You" week where she revisited past guests on her show - all amazing women runners. Ali is expecting and her due date is just one day ahead of ours, so I appreciated her pregnancy related questions she had for all these women runners. It was encouraging to hear that while many ran their entire pregnancy, running postpartum was a struggle and took time, even for these incredible athletes. Ali's positivity radiates through the mic and I love her personality. She ends each interview with a wonderful question - "What are three things you love about yourself?" Super motivating podcast whether I'm literally on a run or on a Target run. 

Have a great weekend, friends! Enjoy this last weekend of August. 
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  1. Hang in there! We also love Trial by Error - we watched Season 1 last year!


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